General Election, December 12th. 2019

At the General Election to be held on December 12th. North Somerset Green Party will be fielding two candidates, one in each of our two parliamentary constituencies. Profiles of the candidates are provided below.

General Election Candidates

Our candidate for the North Somerset constituency is Phil Neve, and for Weston-super-Mare, Suneil Basu is standing for a second time.

Candidate Profiles

Phil Neve

Photo of Phil NevePhil Neve, 65, has been a North Somerset resident for 35 years since moving from the Midlands. He holds degrees in oceanography, underwater science and sustainable architecture. His career has included working as a scientist, cook, business owner, and energy consultant He has two grown children and now works delivering ultra low energy houses, as well as finding time to run a community allotment and be a local Parish Councillor.

Phil cares passionately about the whole Green agenda, in particular that our political and economic systems are broken. This has led to greater inequality, environmental degradation, the placing of corporate power and profit above people, and the discredited but still widespread belief that economic growth will cure all ills. A commitment to defending our NHS, addressing housing needs, and, above all, tackling the climate crisis are the core issues Phil wants to address.

If elected to Parliament, Phil would work for the common good; for the entire community, the environment and infrastructure that provides for and allows all to prosper and thrive.

Phil says, “We have 19th century type politicians with outdated 20th century thinking, failing to deal with 21st century issues. The status quo, the old ways, have put us in a dangerous place.

We have very little time to make major change and avoid even greater damage. I know we have no other choice than to stop denying and delaying and start acting. Coming generations deserve both hope and a world fit to live in”

Contact: David Clegg (Phil's Election Agent)
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Suneil Basu

Suneil's photo

Suneil Basu is an experienced parliamentary candidate, first standing for the Green Party in 2010 in the Ealing Southall constituency. Suneil was the town’s Green Party candidate in the 2017 general election and his passion for offering the electorate the opportunity for real and beneficial change remains as strong as ever.

Suneil is a high school teacher with over 20 years’ experience in a variety of state secondary schools, including roles as Head of Computer Science, Advanced Skills Teacher and as an exam moderator. He was also an NUT Trade Union representative in a successful inner London school, working with management to ensure the teachers’ voices were heard. When not on teaching duties, Suneil spends his time engaging in various sports, including as a volunteer coach in one of Britain’s largest youth cycling clubs.

Suneil recognises Weston-super-Mare has unfairly borne the full assault of austerity, which doesn’t warrant electing a Conservative MP with a huge majority under our unrepresentative voting system. He sees the lack of decent jobs and witnesses the plight of the many homeless and destitute in the town. He believes there is a growing will to engage in substantial change to the political and economic landscape, taking us out of depression and into a more peaceful and productive era in which inequalities are reduced and people are given the opportunity to thrive. And, not least, Suneil sees all of this as dependent upon our collective response to the climate crisis.

Suneil says, “I am convinced that Green Party Policy offers the best way forward for the future of our country and our planet. The Green New Deal, now borrowed by Labour, represents a sustainable economic starting point to transform society. As Weston’s MP, I would promote Green Party policies as the best way to achieve a sustainable economy and environmentally brighter future.”

Contact: David Clegg (Suneil's Election Agent)
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Published and promoted by Bob Bater for North Somerset Green Party, both at 1 Goss Lane, Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 2BD.

14 November 2019

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