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12 March 2019

News Digest 11 March 2019

Fracking rules deemed unlawful

The government has just lost a legal case about the planning rules for fracking, the High Court has ruled that the government’s fracking rules are unlawful!


Tax on aviation fuel proposed

Belgium is proposing that EU member states tax kerosene and make flying more expensive, to enable trains to compete on an equal footing. How will Brexit affect this?

It's in German, but briefly translated it reads: Belgium has tabled a move to finally tax jet fuel in the EU. At the moment it's tax free, and international flights are VAT exempt, so wrecking the planet is cheap.


Brave Swedish teenager speaks truth to power

If you haven’t yet seen the incredibly brave Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg in action fighting for her future in the face of climate change, see her talking to the super rich in Davos, and to the powerful politicians in Brussels.

Petition to headmasters on climate change strikes

Sustainable Groups across North Somerset have petitioned their children’s headmasters to support and enable them to strike against climate change.

Text of petition


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