10 May 2019

Dates for your Diary 

23 May, 2019: European Parliament Elections


Six candidates have been shortlisted as prospective Green EP candidates for South West England.

  • Molly Scott Cato
  • Cleo Lake
  • Carla Denyer
  • Tom Scott
  • Martin Dimery
  • Karen La Borde

The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) has just launched its manifesto for the European Parliament elections. It’s an inspiring document, and all who intend to vote (if not all of you, why not?) should read it. If only to re-affirm that the Green Party has its finger firmly on the pulse of not only local and national politics, but at the supranational level also.

Please make sure you turn out to vote on May 23rd. to state a preference for a Green candidate. You'll also be helping to squeeze-out the growing threat from the anti-EU and far right parties, who threaten to hi-jack the seats for their own retrogressive purposes.

4 June 2019: Open Meeting: Electric Cars 19:30-21:00


Venue: Hangstones Pavillion, Stowey Road, Yatton, BS49 4HS


6 August 2019 Public Meeting 19:30- 21:00


Venue: Weston-super-Mare

Details TBA.

7 November 2019, 19:30-21:00: AGM


Venue: Hangstones Pavillion, Stowey Road, Yatton, BS49 4HS

Please note: Details of the meetings planned from June to November may change. If the schedule changes or further information becomes available, updates will be issued well in advance of each meeting.

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