10 May 2019

Electric car event, 4th June 2019

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns Have you ever watched an electric car gliding noiselessly and pollution free past you? Would you really like one, but are you put off by the higher costs of electric vehicles or wondered whether an electric car might be the right vehicle for you? Or are you already a smart and rather smug pioneer and own one?

If you have, then come to our electric car event organised by the North Somerset Green Party on the 4th of June at Hangstones Pavillion, Yatton, BS49 4HS at 19:30 hrs and hear experienced electric car drivers tell their stories. We will have a range of several different cars, from a Tesla to a Smart car and everything in between. The cars will all be parked in the Hangstones car park and you will be able to see them and talk to the owners, perhaps even have a short ride in one.

This is strictly an event just for private car owners and not for the trade! We are still looking for more owners, especially of less popular models, so if you would be happy to take part as an owner, please contact Karin Haverson, who will send you the detailed format of the evening. 

Karin Haverson

9th May 2019


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