10 May 2019

Greenpeace Life Support video series

Caribou skull in a desert

Greenpeace have produced a series of short videos on the serious threats humans pose to biodiversity. The decrease in biodiversity is as much a problem as climate change and needs to be treated with the same sense of urgency.

Life Support. Episode 1: As dangerous as climate change

Episode 1 includes interviews with journalist George Monbiot, Sir Bob Watson - the chair of the global scientific panel that has done the assessment - and a scientist who has been collecting plants across Africa for decades.


Life Support: Episode 2: If insects are dying, what does it mean for our food?

There have been some alarming headlines about the decline in insect populations recently. But what does that mean for the food on our plates?


Life Support: Episode 3: How coral reefs save lives

It’s now predicted that a temperature rise of 2C by the end of the century could mean virtually all tropical coral reefs will be severely degraded within 30 years.


Life Support: Episode 4: How sea creatures control the climate

In the final episode of the series, Greenpeace talks to a scientist from the British Antarctic Survey about how the creatures in the ocean help to regulate the climate. It’s actually got a lot to do with poo.


9th May 2019

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