10 May 2019

Sandford public inquiry on Aurora development appeal

This is by way of an update on the incredible work done by Winscombe & Sandford parish councillor Cresten Boase (former NSGP Local Party co-ordinator) and her husband Ian Armstrong. Over recent months they co-ordinated all the evidence from local residents (Sandford Neighbourhood Group), carried out painstaking detailed research relating issues of sustainability, biodiversity, transport etc. to submit convincing evidence for the public inquiry. They have attended six days of the inquiry, acting as ‘Rule 6’ party, which means they could cross-question the applicants’ witnesses as well as bring forward their own witnesses.

Having been through the process on three public inquiries in my ward, I am most impressed by the range of evidence and attention to detail Cresten and Ian produced on behalf of local residents. It complements what North Somerset Council officers (and their barrister) produce in defending the appeal and covers issues which they have chosen not to cite as reasons for refusal.

While we have been busy with the election process, I want to make us aware of this work and congratulate Cresten and Ian on their achievement whatever the outcome of the appeal (which will not be known till about July).

Tom Leimdorfer

9 May 2019

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