2 August 2019

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News Digest 2nd August 2019


31 July 2019: Nailsea Town Council declares Climate Emergency

nailsea tithe barnAfter a bold approach by Extinction Rebellion (XR) Nailsea, Nailsea Town Council granted time in their July meeting for XR representatives to make the case for Nailsea to declare a Climate Emergency. Nine XR Nailsea supporters were present, of whom four spoke to the Council.

After an interesting and sometimes polarised debate focusing on what such a declaration would mean, a narrow majority voted to declare a Climate Emergency. A subsequent motion to establish a Working Group to examine the issues and propose responses was passed unanimously.

Bob Bater

13 July 2019: Bristol Pride Parade

bristol pride 2On Saturday, 13th July, a cheerful group of Green Party members from both North Somerset and Bristol Green Parties carrying our respective banners joined over 20,000 folk celebrating Pride. Bristol Pride just keeps getting better and bigger. Both parties had excellent banners which stood out against the bunting. Later we were joined by Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales , Cllr. Carla Denyer of Bristol Green Party and Cllr. Bridget Petty of North Somerset Green Party who all took time off from the South West Green Party annual conference.


bristol pride 3After Pride parade, Peter and I helped out on the Bristol Green Party Stall on the Downs. There was continuous flow of people expressing solidarity and interest and quite a few people signed up to become active in Bristol Green Party.

It is remarkable that in 2012 there were only about 500 people and twenty stalls in College Green.





bristol pride 2

The LGBT community has moved a long way from when I was a teenager when any physical affection between males was, at best, frowned upon or at worst ended in a long jail sentence.

This year Pride has a special significance for Peter and I as it is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. The New York police continuously raided gay venues and in 1969 gays had had enough and confronted the police.

These gay riots led to the formation of the Gay Liberation Front and directly led to the first Pride in London in the early seventies. We were on the second Pride in London and there were only about 2,000 of us.

How times have changed.

Peter Waldschmidt
North Somerset Green Party

6 July 2019: Brean Down Ramble

brean down ramble 6-07-19On Saturday, 6th July, Mummy - who is called Cynthia - and I, along with six other people from NorthSomerset Green Party, namely Peter, Lee, Nancy, Safiyyah, Denise and Rosey went along Brean Beach to Brean Down. The weather was sunny and not too hot and mummy let me off the lead and I freely ran around the beach.

Peter asked my mum to put me on a lead when we were on the hill. Spoilsport! However he helped me write this report.

We had a picnic on top of the hill. There were lovely views of both Brean Beach and Weston Super Mare and we ended up at a fort before returning to Brean Village. We had a ride on the top deck of an open top bus as well both ways.

We all enjoyed the walk and Peter was delighted with its success.

Peter Waldschmidt who organised and led the walk was quite tired. I could have walked twice the distance!

Paws sincerely,

Honorary Supporter
Dog section
North Somerset Green Party

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