6 September 2019

News Digest 7th September 2019


Gravitational Batteries


A graphic showing how the batteries workJapanese multinational Softbank is investing in gravitational batteries – brick towers that lower 35 tonne blocks to deliver electricity when needed, and lift the bricks back up when energy is cheap. These can be built of local materials, just about anywhere, and the technology is simple. One already exists in Switzerland and the plan is to build on four continents simultaneously – no need to do this incrementally… Ideally the towers will be co-located with wind farms, using the excess power when it’s available.

Source: Nikki Jones newsletter, 18 August 2019




Solar Panels: are they for me?


Bristol City Council have published a web page describing how solar panels generate clean, renewable energy and allowing you to assessa diagram showing house location and suitability the potential of your property. The suitability of any property for solar power generation depends largely upon the southerly orientation of the panels. But even if you can’t offer a due South orientation, you may qualify.

This useful guide advises how much solar energy you could generate. All you need to do is to enter your house number and postcode.

The app then shows a map of your area with a marker colour-coded from Limited, through Reasonable, Good and Very good.


Source: Nikki Jones newsletter, 18 August 2019




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