6 July 2020

NSGP online - join us for a Green Conversation

Thursday 9th July, 8pm via Zoom

Three topics ...

North Somerset - let's share our experiences and hopes for the future


How are things going in North Somerset and what do we want a 'new normal' to look like? If you'd like any particular questions to be answered by Stuart, Bridget or Karin, our three Green Councillors, this is the opportunity.

Continuing the conversation - taking our discussions and plans forward


Some active members of NSGP have been using Slack to share ideas, resources and plans - without yet another email appearing in their inbox. Some of you may already use it. Might Slack be a way of continuing the conversation - within individual communities and on particular issues?

Taking the conversation out into the community - campaigning


What are the key campaign issues that we want to take forward? How might we do this? How can we build towards a fairer electoral representation?



Please email a request to internalcomms@northsomerset.greenparty.org.uk. A Zoom invitation to the Green Conversation will be emailed to you.





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