1 April 2020

Police and Crime Commissioner - make a difference?

photo of police carAvon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) for all police areas in England and Wales were established in 2012 as elected posts covering a four-year term, with a key role to play in respect of directing local strategy and use of the budget.


PCCs are paid a salary in the region of £80,000 per annum in recognition of the demands and importance of their role, which involves:

  • holding the police to account through the Chief Constable
  • supporting and challenging police performance
  • being accountable to the electorate
  • setting policing priorities in consultation with residents
  • consulting and involving local people
  • engaging with diverse communities
  • setting the policing part of the council tax
  • commissioning services and awarding grants

The current PCC for the Avon and Somerset Police Authority is Sue Mountstevens who is serving her second term following re-election in 2016, when voted in as an independent candidate ahead of her Labour party challenger.  In line with this year’s council elections, the PCC elections have been deferred to 2021 and the Green Party is keen to see party members elected to as many of these important posts as possible, so as to advance manifesto commitments in respect of creating safer local communities within the wider environmental agenda.

If you would be interested in taking on this role then further information can be found on the UK Government website and the PCC website for Avon and Somerset. However, if your interest does not stretch to taking on what would be a full time employed position from 2021 to 2025 then you may still be able to make a positive contribution as a PCC volunteer on one of the various schemes and panels that have been set up to improve the delivery of policing in each authority. More information about these voluntary groups can again be found on Avon and Somerset’s PCC website.  There’s time to deliberate on all of this.  See what you can do to make a difference and raise the profile of the Green Party both in and beyond North Somerset!

Tim Barrett



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