7 June 2020


Bristol airport wants to increase night flights


Urgent - submit your comments before Friday 26th June.


scene of nightime skyBackground  

In March this year, North Somerset Council (NSC) refused Bristol Airport’s request to increase its throughput to 12 million passengers per year. They cited the following grounds for refusal: damage to the environment and the impact on residents. But Bristol Airport has now applied to be granted Coordinated status in December 2019. You may well ask ‘what is a Coordinated Airport?’   This is a status given to highly congested airports in the UK to ensure that their aircraft are in maximum use. It would give Bristol Airport the freedom to extend its number of flight slots and to schedule night flights across the year, with the declared intention to increase summer night flights. This would have the consequent effect of increasing noise, CO2 emissions and night-time road use. More information is available at the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion website.

Liam Fox, MP for North Somerset, has already objected to this proposal. His full response can be seen on his website

What can you do?

By 26th June, 2020 - please submit your objections to:

Josie Fieulleteau, Airports and Infrastructure Directorate, Department for Transport,  Great Minster House. 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR.

You will find further information about the grounds for objection in Liam Fox’s response (above) and at the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion website.  


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