5 May 2020

How many houses does North Somerset REALLY need? 

Dr Sue Roberts, Green Party Councillor, South Oxfordshire Council

Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, Leader of Green Party Group, Wealden District Council 


Thursday 21st May, 8pm via Zoom


photo of terraced housesNorth Somerset Council is starting to consider key issues in preparation for the development of a Local Plan. This Local Plan will shape investment and infrastructure funding to support new homes, workplaces and local facilities. It will guide housing, business investment, transport and infrastructure until 2038 and will take around three years to produce. All Councils are under pressure to increase the number of homes in their area. Highly emotive headlines are likely to become more frequent. The Weston Mercury recently speculated that the greenbelt may have to be redrawn so North Somerset can house 30,000 new residents over the next 18 years.

Within the UK it is asserted that we need to build 300,000 homes per annum. But how appropriate is this figure? Drawing on their experience, expertise and research in housing, Sue and Patricia will discuss how we can identify the true situation with housing in the UK. They identify  six pernicious myths about housing and propose six imperatives to resolve the crisis.


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