4 May 2020

News Digest 5th May 2020

Look out for our new trees!

 photo of treeTree watering

To give your daily exercise purpose why not check up on newly-planted trees on your route?

Cllr Bridget Petty, North Somerset Council’s executive member for climate emergency and environment, said:

“As part of your exercise regime could you check on the new trees we’ve been planting as part of our rewilding project? For example – are their plastic guards on properly (they make microclimates to support growth in the early months), are there support sticks helping them grow upright, if not then give them a hand to stand up straight.”

Cllr Petty added that the saplings would appreciate a drink of water too, if it’s been a dry spell.

“If there’s anything amiss then please email us and let us know – and send us your pictures of how you’re caring for the environment so we can share them on social media – email rewilding.volunteering@n-somerset.gov.uk.”  All the rewilding sites are listed on the council’s website www.n-somerset.gov.uk/rewilding. Remember – always follow Government guidelines and only exercise on your own or with members of your household.

Photo credit: http://www.freeimages.co.uk


Help research into Covid-19


screen shot of the Zoe campaign websiteThe COVID Symptom Tracker app has been developed by King’s College London and health science company ZOE, and is endorsed by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, the Socttich Government and NHS Scotland. More than 2.5 million participants have downloaded the app and are using it to regularly report on their health in order to help stop COVID.

You can download the app here.



Help the Council improve active travel in your community

We need to support more active travelpedestrian image on asphalt

It's time for us to start thinking about how active travel (walking and cycling) can be improved as the Government and Councils plan to move out of lockdown. The need for physical distancing may make existing active travel arrangements unworkable. So, if we need to make changes within our own communities - we should let our Council know!

Recently there there have been calls for more space for walking and cycling from a number of bodies such as Cycling UK and Living Streets. In addition, may Councils such as Manchester have announced plans for making more space for travel on foot or by cycling. In particular, there will be pressure on pavements, especially as more people seek to avoid public transport.

We need flourishing high streets and shopping areas

Not only do we need safe travel, but the viability of our shopping areas and high streets may be affected by the need for physical distancing. We don't want to avoid shopping areas because we feel they are unsafe. Our local economies need to revive as quickly as is safe. Thus this is a good time to emphasise that case studies focusing on the “pedestrian pound” have shown that reducing motorised traffic with a well-designed, pedestrian-friendly scheme can revitalise neighbourhoods and boost local trade.

Councils have new powers 

Councils can allocate space for walking and cycling by activating temporary or emergency traffic orders. In addition, the government recently announced a minor relaxation of traffic regulations allowing local authorities to close roads without the need to advertise measures in local media. 

Contact your Councillors and local councils

Councils may have new powers. However, it is much to be preferred that Councils will consult. This requires them to take a lead by starting to plan now for access as lockdown eases. And we, as residents, must come forward with our own ideas about how access can be improved within their own communities.

Get in touch now - let your Councillor, whether at North Somerset Council or your Town/Parish Council, know how active travel can be improved within your community.



Photo credit: http://www.freeimages.co.uk









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