5 October 2020

NSGP online - Key Campaigning Issues

Thursday 8th October, 8pm via Zoom


a hedgehog road signSave our hedgehogs! 

  • Have you heard about our hedgehog road sign campaign? How can we spread the word about our petition?


Green Party Online Annual Conference

  • if you aren't a member, learn about Annual Conference
  • this is taking place now with the main sessions on Sat/Sun 10/11th October. This is a great opportunity to join in, or dip in, throughout the week and weekend without having to travel.
  • if you are a member, register now (or before 10pm on 8th October)
  • we'll share how best to enjoy, and get the most out of, the main conference.

Bristol Airport Expansion

  • an update on the current position and how the campaign goes forward


  • what are the key campaigning issues for you?
  • how do we take our campaigning forward?
  • can new roles within NSGP support our work?


Please email a request to internalcomms@northsomerset.greenparty.org.uk. A Zoom invitation to the Green Conversation will be emailed to you.

Regional News