9 October 2020

Protect diversity - petition for hedgehog road signs

An appeal from Councillor Bridget Petty - Councillor for Backwell 


A hedgehog road signWe need your help to protect hedgehogs and other small mammals

Hedgehogs have been been listed as vulnerable to extinction. Wildlife diversity is a major eco problem.

Have you seen this sign? Have you seen dead hedgehogs on our roads? I know that I have. These are great signs that we should be using.


Right now the Government has ridiculous requirements to get new road signs to protect hedgehogs. We want to put up signs to warn drivers to be on the alert for hedgehogs and to protect this important and vulnerable species.

The Department for Transport has two rigid requirements before anyone can add a sign:

  1. Evidence that small mammals are encountered regularly at the location in significant numbers -   well, that sounds fair.
  2. Evidence of personal injury accidents caused by small mammals - WHAT? Evidence that people were hurt? WHAT? I thought this was about protecting hedgehog lives? I have NEVER heard of a personal injury, something must be wrong?

Something must be changed. We demand that the Department for Transport review and change their criteria for this hedgehog and small mammals sign.

Please help us change these ridiculous regulations so that we can:

  • raise awareness
  • encourage people to take care on our roads; and
  • preserve the precious wildlife in our local environment.

Our petition calls on the Department for Transport to take action. Please sign it now and share with others. Thank you.


Road sign image comes from the Department for Transport webpage.


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