20 November 2020

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North Somerset Council: Active Travel Strategy consultation


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The NSC Draft Active Travel Strategy is a 10-year plan to 2030 that aims to harness the huge rise in walking and cycling seen during 2020. This will help the Council continue to increase realistic opportunities for safe, attractive and enjoyable active travel, including walking and cycling.


Through delivering high quality walking and cycling networks and increasing publicity and awareness of these, the strategy aims to increase walking and cycling trips by 300 per cent by 2030.


‘This will help us achieve the vision of ‘Making walking and cycling the natural choice for a cleaner, healthier and more active North Somerset’. This will be crucial in our efforts to help reduce carbon emissions to strive to become carbon neutral by 2030, tackle the climate emergency, improve public health and boost the local economy. This is all even more important than before given the year we’ve had.’


You can view the Executive’s Draft Active Travel Strategy here


Consultation is now open


The consultation seeks to gain valuable feedback from the residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders in North Somerset on the content of the Draft Active Travel Strategy. This will allow NSC to make necessary changes to the strategy before seeking to finalise and adopt the strategy early in 2021.


You can respond to the short NSC questionnaire to share your views and help refine and improve the strategy. You can access the questionnaire here. The consultation will close on 17 December 2020.

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NSC Local Plan: Choices for the Future


A photo of a housing estateThe Choices consultation is all about looking at alternative approaches for where new housing, employment and community uses might go over the next 15 years and which are the broad locations which best reflect residents’ priorities.  This is not going to be easy given the large amount of housing the government has identified for North Somerset, but we need to plan positively for the future. 


To plan properly, NSC need your views. No decisions have been taken on where or how new homes should be built yet, but those decisions will be taken in the next year or so. 


NSC have prepared a short questionnaire and it would be great if you could take a few minutes to complete it. You will have to register to take part which just requires an e-mail address and password - you will already have one if you've taken part in one of NSC's previous consultations. The consultation runs from 2 November - 14 December 2020.

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash   


Sustrans - space to move?

a Sustrans map of the UK

Local authorities across the UK are making changes to our streets in response to Covid-19. These changes are designed to make it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle safely whilst social distancing during the lockdown and beyond. Your local authority wants to hear what you think about them.


Sustrans has created a map which shows the latest street changes across the UK.

Search for your area, click on the icon, and fill in a short form to tell Sustrans how these changes are working for you. They will collate the information and report back to local authorities where appropriate. Sustrans may also use your responses to inform future policy and planning.




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