20 November 2020

Latest news - November 2020

North Somerset in 2020: a meeting with our Green Councillors 


Photos of our three Green CouncillorsWe held our AGM on Thursday 12th November and this was followed by the above session. We have three Green Councillors: 

  • Karin Haverson (Banwell and Winscombe)
  • Bridget Petty (Backwell)
  • Stuart McQuillan (Long Ashton) 

This was an open session where members and supporters had the opportunity to meet and talk with  Councillors about key issues within North Somerset.

The Councillors' review included the following issues:

  • The Local Plan
  • Climate emergency and carbon literacy
  • Waste and recycling update
  • Active travel consultation
  • Re-wilding and the nature emergency motion
  • Banwell Bypass
  • North Somerset flagship housing development

This session can be viewed now on our You Tube channel


Do we need to acknowledge a Nature Emergency? Yes!


‘I do appreciate how overwhelming this can feel. We have already declared a climate emergency, we are living through a global pandemic. It can feel like there are emergencies and problems all around. But we have to recognise these problems and how they are connected to each other before we can work as a council, as a community and build a better world for our residents’.

Cllr Stuart McQuillan (Council debate 10th November 2020)

On 10th November a motion was passed at North Somerset Council (NSC).  The motion was proposed by Cllr Payne and seconded by Cllr Stuart McQuillan, our Green Councillor for Long Ashton. He worked closely Cllr Payne and submitted amendments to the original motion.

a photo of woodland and a lake


This motion recognised:

  • The ecological emergency, noting specifically species extinction, loss of habitat and the connectivity of habitats, decline in pollinators which are crucial to food supply, and the loss of and decline in the quality of the soil;


  • That the climate and ecological emergencies are linked and both are the result of overexploitation of the earth’s resources and poor land management. However, there are other causes of the ecological emergency beyond climate change, including other forms of pollution, urbanisation, hydrological change, the proliferation of invasive species, and poor practices in agriculture, woodland management and fishing;

The motion was passed. Thus NSC has formally declared an ecological emergency. 

NSC has already declared a climate emergency, and Cllr Bridget Petty (Green Councillor for Backwell and Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Environment) said the two go hand in hand:

“We can’t build policies that respond to the climate emergency without recognising the emergency that we’re seeing in nature.”

The full motion can be found here.


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