12 June 2021

Congresbury & Puxton by-election announced

Help us win and gain a 4th Green Councillor for North Somerset!



photo of Phil NevePhil Neve is our candidate for Congresbury & Puxton

Many of you will know Phil. who was our Parliamentary Candidate for North Somerset in the 2019 General Election.

Phil has been involved in community/environmental work since the 1970’s and has had a career involving academia, science, business and other community work. This provides Phil with a broad knowledge about the variety of the needs and challenges that different sectors of society face. He is a committed environmentalist who knows that a stable healthy global environment is essential for human and all other life on Earth.

Phil is immersed in his local community. He's been a parish councillor since February 2019 and Chair of Wrington Parish Council since December 2020. 


Can you help us win Congresbury and Puxton?

We were so impressed by how many of you came out to deliver Ward newsletters recently and we hope that you will leap at this further opportunity to help. We seek the following:

•             Campaign Coordinator

•             Literature Content & Design

•             Literature Distribution & Volunteers (our green foot-soldiers)

•             Canvassing Coordinator

If you would like to know more about these roles then do get in touch with Dave Clegg. If you have already helped us with delivering, then we shall be in touch! If you haven't yet worked with us, but would like to, please contact Dave Clegg.



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