19 January 2021

NSGP online - 8th February, 8pm by Zoom


Ash dieback - Can a phoenix arise from the ashes? How to address its social and environmental impact


the logo of Phoenix Biochar


Speaker -  Evan Trowler - Chief Executive Office, Phoenix Biochar 



Evan will talk about the nature of ash dieback and the work of Phoenix Biochar with both communities and individuals.


a photo of ash dieback in a branchThe ash tree is the second most abundant tree in the UK. There are estimated to be 185 million ash trees within and outside of woodland. £230 million is the amount associated with the social and environmental impact of ash trees. These ash trees are a public asset which may soon be gone.


Biochar stores the carbon that the ash trees have captured and that may otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. Phoenix Biochar is a Community Interest Company that aims to transform unsafe, unhealthy or even unwanted trees into biochar.  One of the applications of Biochar is its capacity to enhance soil quality. With better soil, communities can contribute to a regenerative movement.


The meeting will start at 8pm and last approximately 45 minutes.

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