20 September 2021

'The NHS: privatisation by stealth' - join our campaign!

Looking at the evidence...

The NHS is a complex set of interconnected organisations. Few of us feel that we understand each part and how they are interconnected. Thus privatisation can increase incrementally over time, relatively unnoticed. It has been argued that a further stage in this process of privatisation is contained within the recent Health and Social Care Bill. 

Richard Lawson presented evidence that the NHS is being privatised and proposed a campaign of dialogue with MPs. Read more about Richard here. 

Richard’s presentation to North Somerset Green Party on 14th September, 2021 was followed by open discussion about the nature and implications of privatisation in North Somerset.


View Richard's presentation here.




Join with Richard in campaigning on this issue. 

What is involved? Opening the conversation with our MPS



We must bring pressure not just on our MPs but also on Parliamentary candidates of all parties, demanding a clear and unambiguous commitment from them that they will work to stop and reverse the privatisation of the NHS.

Fortunately, corresponding with our MPs is easy these days! We can use the They Work For You website.

We can start by writing a letter, or rather, opening a conversation. The first response from the politician will nearly always be a bland, non-specific set of words.

We must go for a long, serial correspondence, in which the MPs’ (or candidates’) responses are defined and refined until they have made a clear commitment will help save the NHS. 

This will be a long process. It will take time and effort and cooperation in local letter writing groups, and we will have to send MP responses to expert groups like Keep Our NHS Public to get their help in answering detailed points. 

This is what it takes to prevent the destruction of our much loved and much valued National Health Service.

Here is a model letter and more advice to get you started. 

Please send Richard a copy of any reply you receive so that he can maintain a summary of arguments and counter-arguments. You can contact Richard at:     rlawson@gn.apc.org




Photo by Pereanu Sebastian on Unsplash



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