6 April 2021

News update: NSGP object to the EdF HInkley license application

NSGP have submitted their objection

Battery Point, Portishead


EdF is building the new PWR nuclear generating site at Somerset’s Hinkley Point. To do so, it needs to dredge water from Bridgwater Bay to sink cooling water intake and outfall tunnels for the new reactors. They have applied to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for the use of the Portishead licensed disposal site (LU070).

Is this seabed sediment radioactively contaminated? And how should this mud be disposed of?


Where is the Portishead dumping site?

LU070 is very close to the major estuary of the Avon which, of course, is tidal into the centre of Bristol. At low tide there will be a very wide expanse of intertidal sediment. Tim estimates that parts of the Portishead dump site are only about 150 metres from the shoreline. The location of the Portishead LU070 site is close to Battery Point and can be seen here on page 16.

Tim Deere-Jones spoke at our public meeting on 10th March, 2021

Tim’s briefing paper for that meeting can be viewed here

Tim was educated at Cardiff University, Dept of Maritime Studies: (modular degree with a major focus on marine pollution). His research dissertation was titled: “Sea to Land Transfer of Marine Pollutants in Bristol Channel”. He has 30 years’ work experience and field/desk research. His client list includes most of UK and Europe’s major campaigning organisations including Greenpeace UK, Australia and International, FoE UK and Cymru, WWF UK, European Climate Foundation, KIMO, UK Nuclear Free Local Authorities & Citizens Campaigns in UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and the U.S. He is a writer of an extensive portfolio of articles for Ecologist, BBC Wildlife Magazine and many more.

Public consultation has now ended

North Somerset Green Party has OBJECTED to this license application. Our reasons can be read in this document

We have requested that:

 a. the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) refer this application to Government Ministers. They should decide whether to set up a Public Inquiry in order to clarify both the scientific and technical issues and the strategic and policy issues.

b. the MMO commission a full and detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to provide the appropriate level of high quality, detailed scientific evidence to inform a Public Inquiry.










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