26 July 2021

Congresbury & Puxton voters say No to Bristol Airport expansion

Congratulations to Phil and a big thank you to all our supporters


PHil Neve in CongresburyPhil Neve becomes our 4th Green Councillor

Phil Neve, Green Party candidate for Congresbury and Puxton has been elected to North Somerset Council, with over 64% of the vote, at the by-election held on Thursday 22nd July. He joins three other Green Party Councillors in the coalition administration that replaced the previous Conservative-led council.

Phil says:

‘I am delighted that the voters of Congresbury and Puxton have placed their faith in me. I look forward to working within the community, listening to residents and acting on their behalf. I want to see an end to unsuitable speculative housing developments that also add more commuter traffic. I will work for better public and active transport options, improved leisure and sports facilities for all, and especially more services and opportunities for young people who are often poorly served in more rural areas’.

‘I am a committed environmentalist and one immediate concern is the Bristol Airport expansion inquiry. I live close to the airport flight paths and like many others suffer the immediate impacts of noise, air pollution, traffic and illegal parking airport expansion.  Further expansion will cause even more nuisances, road congestion, loss of green belt and carbon emissions for very little local benefit. It is ridiculous for Bristol Airport to make net zero claims and yet to ignore the impact of flights and parking’

“Turnout was low due to the heatwave, and I’d like to thank all those who did vote for turning out. Unfortunately we will have to get used to these extreme weather conditions fuelled by rising CO2. The Green Party is committed to championing a fair transition to a Zero Carbon future.”


The results

The Congresbury and Puxton by-election was held on Thursday 22nd July.

The results were as follows:

Phil Neve (Green Party)                                   594 (64%)

Dawn Parry (Labour Party)                              57 (6%)

Samantha Pepperall (Conservative Party)         270 (29%)

Total votes                                                     922 (turnout 29.5%)


Congresbury is unusual in having 33 years of being ‘green’. Richard Lawson was one of the first Green Party councillors in the UK in 1986 and Tom Leimdorfer carried on an unbroken tradition of a GP Councillor in Congresbury until he stepped down in 2019. 

In 2019 the Conservatives lost control of North Somerset Council for the first time since 2007.

 A ‘rainbow administration’ now runs North Somerset Council. It comprises a coalition of all the former opposition groups — independents ( who are now the biggest single group on the authority), Lib Dems, Labour and Greens. Cllr Bridget Petty (Green Party) is the Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Engagement.


Phil Neve


PHil in a community garden



Phil has been involved in community/environmental work since the 1970’s and has had a career involving academia, science, business and other community work. This provides Phil with a broad knowledge about the variety of the needs and challenges that different sectors of society face. He is a committed environmentalist who knows that a stable healthy global environment is essential for human and all other life on Earth.



Phil is immersed in his local community. He's been a parish councillor since February 2019 and Chair of Wrington Parish Council since December 2020. 



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