North Somerset Green Party took part in four public events in July 2018

16 August 2018

Members of North Somerset Green Party took part in four public events in July.

On the 7th about eight of our members attended a demonstration in Weston to protest about the "temporary" closure of Weston hospital A & E in particular and the gradual erosion of the NHS by the government and also to commemorate the 70th anniversary of that institution. I helped carry the North Somerset Green Party banner. Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party was one of the speakers and spoke eloquently about how important the NHS is, particularly as his young son is disabled.

There were also two speakers representing the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties respectively.

Before the speeches, we marched round the town and there was a samba band playing Latin American dance music, which I danced to.

Jonathan Bartley spoke to us briefly after the speeches.

On 12th July, a few North Somerset Green Party members with the NSGP banner gathered at the fountains in Bristol to protest against the visit of Donald Trump to the UK. We marched through the main shopping area before returning to the fountains. We all chanted: "Say it loud, say it clear, Donald Trump's not welcome here." At the fountains we listened to several speeches before dispersing.

On the 14th, NSGP members attended Bristol Pride. There was a Parade through town. We were joined by Bristol Green Party members. We then assisted on a stall, run by Bristol Green Party.

At all the above three events the weather was sunny and warm. However that was not true of the last one.

On the 28th, NSGP had a stall at Weston Pride. We had to put up a gazebo while it was both windy and raining. At the time there was only two of us. The people in neighbouring stalls rallied round and helped us put it up.


Later that day, we joined a Pride Parade which marched along the sea front and round the town centre. It was very difficult to hold the banner in position because of the high winds.

We ended up in Grove Park and went back to our stall. There were about eight of us working at various times of the day, including a Bristol councillor.

Despite the inclement weather, we had a remarkably successful and enjoyable day which far exceeded my expectations.

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